How to Straighten Your Curved Penis

If you’ve noticed your penis is curved rather than straight, you may be wondering why that is, along with how the condition could affect your sex life and health. By understanding the causes of penis curvature, you’ll be able to decide on the ideal actions to take.

curved-dickWhy is my penis curved?

If you have a curved penis, there is more than likely a good explanation. You may have a naturally occurring curvature or you may be affected by Peyronies Disease which currently affects up to 10% of men around the world.

Either way, penile curvature can be fixed.

What is Peyronies Disease and how do I know if I have it?

Peyronies Disease is named by Francois de la Peyronie, also known as the surgeon of the French king King Louise XIV. Peyronie was the first to describe the disorder in the 1700s.

Peyronies-DiseaseThe disease occurs as a result of a build-up of plaque, made from fibrous scar tissue, under the skin of the penis. This plaque can affect the penis regardless of whether it is flaccid or erect, causing it to bend a certain way. While some report no further symptoms of the disease, others have stated it can be uncomfortable or even painful.

Essentially, if you have a build-up of plaque or a lump on your penis, it is likely you have Peyronies Disease. If not, it is simply that your penis has a natural curvature.

Is it okay to have a curved penis?

While there is nothing technically ‘wrong’ with having a curved penis, you may find the condition creates some difficulties during sex. In severe cases, the discomfort may render sex impossible. Naturally, this depends on how bent out of shape the penis is.

If the penis is significantly curved, it could have a severe impact on your sex life. It’s important to communicate with your partner. An understanding woman may be willing to experiment and find pleasurable angles that work for both of you.

While some men may be content to live with the condition and practise positions that minimalize discomfort, others may wish to take the steps to straighten it.

Can a curved dick really be straightened?

The short answer is yes! The penis can be easily straightened through the use of a penis stretching device.


In the past, there have been a number of so-called treatments for the condition that have proved to be not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

Drugs and medication are known for making little difference to Peyronies and can have unreliable side effects. Some men have also resorted to surgery, which may result in infection, reduced penis sensitivity and even impotence. Is it really worth the risk?

bent-penis-stretchingA penis stretcher is both safe and highly effective, allowing you to achieve a healthier, straighter, longer penis by following your ideal treatment schedule.

Regardless of the angle your penis bends to, you’ll be able to choose a device that fits you perfectly while correcting your condition.

Due to the fact these devices must be worn for hours at a time, most come with attachable comfort strips to ensure you remain relaxed and comfortable as you stretch.

Is there anything I can do to enhance my experience?

By combining your stretching program with additional treatments, you’ll be well on your way to a straighter penis.

  • Vitamin E oil can be applied to the scar tissue of the penis to soften the area, leaving you with supple tissue that’s ready to be transformed.
  • There are also supplements available, such as coenzymes and amino acids that can help those suffering from Peyronie’s disease. They can effectively reduce scar tissue, correcting the curvature of your penis in the process.

Is it safe to take online advice?

Yes! Penis stretching devices have been used medically to treat penis curvature for years, all around the world. By ordering from a reliable company, you’ll be guaranteed a quality product that’s sure to result in a straighter penis and a better sex life.